Best: Victoria Secret’s 5 Most Beautiful Body Sprays

Victoria’s Secret fascinates every woman with its fragrances. It has become one of the most preferred brands with its perfumes, body sprays and lotions. Especially recently, Victoria Secret’s most beautiful body spray has been a matter of curiosity. It got a lot of attention from women. So what were these scents?

Victoria Secret Best Body Spray

Famous for the fruity floral derivative it has popularized in the fragrance world, Victoria Secret produces a lot of new fragrances every season, which of course makes it difficult to follow and remember what is best. But it has become quite distinctive with its new scents. When it comes to the most beautiful body spray, Victoria Secret definitely takes its place in the first place.

In companies that sell fake sprays under the name of Victoria Secret body spray, it is easy to understand both from the durability and the quality of its aroma.

1. Bombshell – Best Body Spray

There’s a reason Bombshell remains one of the world’s best selling body sprays. Unlike the sweet flavor that is widely available even from this brand, this fruity one has notes of grapefruit and tangerine that are instantly picky, lively and peppy. When combined with passionflower and strawberry, it smells delicious and refreshing.

2. Coconut Passion – Best Body Spray

Vanilla and coconut make this fragrance a delicious and warm blend that smells good enough to eat. Milky and creamy, this rich mist is ideal for those who love gourmet scents as the vanilla note is much heavier than the others. Thanks to the notes of aloe vera, it makes it dry like a musky, smell like lotion, which is very pleasant in summer because it feels like you are on a hot beach. That’s why it’s definitely included in our ranking of the best body spray.

3. Very Sexy – Best Body Spray

While this is a sweet scent, it is a darker, sexy sweet one unlike the deep and fruity scents Victoria Secret makes. Thanks to notes of coffee, musk, wood and amber, this otherwise fruity, floral scent becomes bitter and intense. Rose-like notes thanks to camellia, hortensia and mimosa flowers, you will have a fruity fruity thanks to clementine and blackberry notes.

4. Love – Best Body Spray

A beyond comfortable, overly comforting perfume is like a warm blanket. Mostly fruity, yes, but also creamy, clean, and cottony—just like applying a peach moisturizer after shampooing your hair. It has a soapy texture, with light unisex undertones that smell like your boyfriend’s freshly washed t-shirt thanks to aromatic juniper notes. So understated and subtle, it’s almost like a harmless and mild deodorant. For this reason, this fragrance can be mentioned when it comes to Victoria Secret’s best body spray.

5. Pure Seduction – Best Body Spray

This Victoria’s Secret body spray is made for most teen girls’ first perfumes. It’s all mixed fruit candy, pink bubble gum, and fruity juicy. Although it has freesia and chamomile notes, it is neutralized by the main note here, plum. A perfume like this is great to spray at bedtime or just for casual wear like something cheap but cute that a guy would love to smell on you. It can be the answer to the question of the best victoria secret body spray.

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